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General Questions

A visa is a stamp that is affixed to a blank visa page in your passport. The visa is required by some foreign countries before you are-able to enter their territory.

Yes, your passport must be submitted with the required documentation and a current passport photo. (if you wear glasses, please remove them before taking the photo. Photos with glasses are not accepted)

If mailed in, a Rush visa application will be processed within 10 business days of receipt (provided approved documentation is present) during normal operating hours. NON-Rush visa applications will be processed within 15 business days upon receipt (provided approved documentation is present).

PLEASE include a cell phone number so that we can contact you if there are questions. Please make sure that you enter your cell phone number in the appropriate space, 3b, and at such time the Arkansas office will contact you. Please enter your email address at the bottom of the VISA application, the Arkansas office will contact you via email. If there is no response to our inquiries, your paperwork will be returned to you.

On your visa, look above and to the right of the signature and you will see the date of issue. A single visa is good for one time only and expires 3 months from the date of travel. A multiple visa will either expire 36 or 60 months from the date of travel. The date of expiration on your visa is at the top and the expiration date on your passport is on the picture page.

Visa and Consulate Specific Questions

The difference between the visas is the amount of time it takes to process. A NON-RUSH visa will be processed in 15 business days. The processing of a RUSH visa is 10 business days.

A single-entry visa is good for one visit within 90 days from the date of travel. The multiple entry visa is good for either 36 or 60 months from the date of travel. Business employees must check in with the Ministry of Immigration within 90 days. SINGLE VISAS MUST BE USED WITHIN 90 DAYS. VISAS ARE NO LONGER VALID WHEN THE PASSPORT EXPIRES.

Non-Rush Visas:
If you are requesting a non-rush, single entry visa valid for 90 days, make a Money Order, Postal Order, or Cashier's Check for $60 payable to the “Embassy of Ghana".  For a non-rush, multi-entry visa valid for 36 months (non-Ghanian born) or 60 months (Ghanian born), make a Money Order, Postal Order, or Cashier's Check for $100 made payable to the “Embassy of Ghana". 

Rush Visas:
For a rush visa single entry valid for 90 days, make a Money Order, Postal Order, or Cashier's Check for $100 made payable to the “Embassy of Ghana". For a rush multi-entry visa valid for 36 months (non-Ghanian born) or 60 months (Ghanian born), make a Money Order, Postal Order, or Cashier's Check for $200 made payable to the “Embassy of Ghana".

Gratis ECOWAS visas are issued in Washington, D.C. not in Arkansas. Arkansas does not have the special stamp to issue them. Since they are free, and considered non-rush, allow ample time to get your passport back.

  1. Please fill out the pertinent information as it pertains to all (i.e. date of travel, contacts in Ghana, ect) before returning the application to the travelers allowing each applicant to more easily complete the application.  
  2. Place each individual’s required documents (i.e. application with picture, passport, itinerary, and checks) in a separate envelope with his/her name on the front. 
  3. Please provide the names of your group in alphabetical order by last name. 
  4. Please call 501.260.7253 if you need further clarification. You may ship the applications in one package with one prepaid return envelope.

Send the applilcations via Us postal overnight mail service OR , UPS, or FedEx, signature waived to:

Consulate Republic of Ghana
1323 Broadway Street, Little Rock, Arkansas 72202

For the return of your visas and passport’s please include a prepaid overnight or express mail SELF-ADDRESSED, TRACKABLE ENVELOPE.

If you waive your signature, the postman, FedEx, or UPS can leave it at the office in our secure slot without a required signature. If you do not waive the signature, it WILL delay the arrival of your package. It can force us to have to go to the post office to pick it up. UPS or FedEx will take the package back to their center and try to deliver it 3 times. If not successful, the companies will return it to you. NOTE: THE CONSULATE WILL NOT PICK UP ANY PACKAGES FROM THE POST OFFICE OR ANY MAILING SERVICE.

It is important that you get your passport and visa back in a safe and timely manner, Express and Overnight mail allow for tracking, and other services not offered for the regular mail class. It is important that you keep the tracking numbers for both envelopes so that your package can be easily tracked.

Travel Specific Questions

Yellow fever is REQUIRED. We also recommend Malaria, Tetanus, and Typhoid. NOTE: Do not submit your yellow immunization certificate or covid card with YOUR visa application. Keep it IN YOUR POSSESSION and present it at the port of entry in Ghana. We strongly suggest that you ask your physician for a prescription for malaria pills. One begins taking them before leaving for Ghana.

For the latest information regarding Covid-19 travel requirements, visit the official Ghana COVID-19 Information webpage. 

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